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  • Software Project Lead

    14 enero 2020

    RPO, Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona)

    Indefinido, 1€ al Año


    The Software Engineering department at the company has been working wih a set of technologies that are going to be progressively replaced by new ones. The goal of the department is to develop capabilities for the Software Ecosystems that have been selected by the company to be the evolution of the new developments (currently Jaca and React). World's leading research-focused healthcare group As the Software Project Leader (SPL) in the department, you will lead the project of acquiring and maturing the Ecosystem capabilities and ensuring the application of these capabilities across different project teams placed in Spain and Switzerland.  This will include the following activities: Working with architects, other project leaders and the internal / external experts on the spacific software ecosystems to identify opportunities and potential risks related to the Software Ecosystem Leading pilots with strong outcome on creating development practices and validating new technologies in the context of the current target Software Ecosystems Leading the "Chapters" that enable a collaborative definition of common practices, promote their application and ensure the cross-alignment of all capabilities involved technically in the products (Development, Project Architecture, Testing and DevOps) Leading the external consultants who are experts in certain areas of the Software Ecosystem or related specific technologies Planning trainings, promoting "Katas" and organizing specific knowledge transfer activities related to the use of the Ecosystem assets As a Software Project Leader, the tasks and duties are: Support actively good spirit and collaboration within the team and the entire organization General Management Responsible for the implementation of the software project processes according to definitions Constant optimization of processes within the software project improve quality and efficiency Functional and organiizatioal lead of the software project Project Management Accountable for the coordination and implementation of the organizational structure and the working rules within the software project in agreement with Line Manager Tailoring and implementation of software project processes and best practices in the project context including software project deliverables Creation and maintaining the roadmap, the top level work break down structure and the feature and function tree, including their hgh level priorizarion, for the software project Create, maintain and implement software detail planning and capacity planning based on the project plan and effort estimations Monitor state of software project and report state to project management Responsible for the creation, coordination and review of all software project documentation Responsible for software architecture implemented by the software project Responsible for the development of software and its integration to a software release including the required verification tests Supporting the validation tests executed by System Integration Responsible for the transition (artifacts, documents and know-how) of the software to the team that mantains the software. Responsible for the management of software project risk according process definition including identification, mitigation and tracking of risks Responsible for the issue management within the software project Responisble for the definition and provision of the software development environment for the software project including using only approved software development project Ensuring efficient and effective communication and information flow within the software project Management of the stakeholders and partners of the software development project including participation in related meetings People Management Responsible for the management of the software project members including reviewing and approving time reports

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