ED&I self-diagnosis platform for companies.

Evaluate your company's management of equity, diversity and inclusion (ED&I) and EINF with this unique tool that we make available to you. The data obtained will be used in the elaboration of a report of the main variables and conclusions of this self-diagnosis, which will be made available to all participating companies.

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plataforma de autodiagnóstico ED&I para empresas.

what is the self-diagnosis process in equity, diversity and inclusion like?

  • ED&I assessment:
    You can access two self-assessment blocks: a first block, entitled 'Diversity and Inclusion Assessment Test', with 3 questionnaires that will allow you to make a comprehensive assessment of diversity in your organization.
  • EINF assessment:
    'Non-financial information status assessment test (EINF)', has only one questionnaire. This test aims to diagnose your way of presenting your organization's non-financial data related to diversity management and inclusion of people with disabilities.
  • Confidentiality:
    Your answers are completely confidential. Randstad ensures that the processing is carried out in accordance with the law, fairly and without prejudice to the rights of data subjects.
  • Additional resources:
    Once you have completed the tests you will be able to access a series of complementary resources (articles, videos, etc.) on diversity, inclusion and non-financial information. The purpose of these resources is to provide you with access to more information on these topics.

access to the tests.

Any company can take the equity, diversity and inclusion assessment tests. This self-diagnosis is sequential, it follows an order that must be followed in order to progress. The first Fundamental Practices test is open and it is not necessary to log in. To take the following tests, you must be registered with Fundación Randstad as a participating company in order to obtain the access codes.

if you want more information about the ED&I platform, please contact us at edi@fundacionrandstad.es

purpose of this study.

The ED&I research tool is an initiative of the Fundación Randstad in collaboration with the Research Group "TRES-i Liquid work and emerging risks in the information society" of the International University of La Rioja (UNIR).

The objective of this research is to provide organizations with a preliminary self-diagnostic tool aimed at assessing their management of inclusion and diversity in their workplaces. More specifically, it is aimed at helping companies know how they plan, implement and integrate these aspects into their business strategy, providing them with a series of recommendations and good practices aimed at improving inclusion and diversity in their organizations.

The UNIR research team will collect, analyze and study the data obtained in this tool, with the aim of presenting a report of the main variables and conclusions.

Participants can withdraw from the study at any time, they only have to communicate it through edi@fundacionrandstad.es.